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How does OXdreams work?

If you like to connect with people, love living experiences, enjoy social networking, and also like to get paid doing what you love… OXdreams brings it all together and more just for you.

Choose one of the options below and see how easy it is to sell or live experiences at OXdreams:

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Download and Create your OXdreams account (it only takes a few minutes and you only have do it once)


Discover or Search for a New Experience (by browsing the feed through the comments and top rated experiences)

Book your preferred schedule and LIVE the Experience! (you can choose either online or in-person experiences)


Give us your feedback, post the best moments, and tell everyone what you thought (get ready for the next one!)


Does any social network do this for you?

Want a good reason to
download OXdreams? We have 4:

Make money doing what you love

Show the world what you do best. There are plenty of people eager to learn from your knowledge and experience  - plus you will still get paid for it.

Connect with people from your tribe

Pet Lovers? Wine Lovers? Surfers? Gamers? Musicians? Dancers? Barbecue? Nerds? For each tribe there is a legion of passionate people for you to connect, talk, live, and exchange experiences with.

Show the world what you do best

Do you have a hobby, a passion, a purpose, but kept it to yourself? At OXdreams you will be encouraged to share it with the whole world, and build real connections with it.

The best in their fields

A professional chef? An MMA fighter? A successful business owner? Learn from the best in your field, get premium experiences, and do what you love most.

Frequently Asked Questions

For all users
For hosts
Will the experiences be online or in person?

At OXdreams, you can find both online and in-person experiences. When you choose an experience that interests you, it will tell youwhether it's online or in-person. You can also search for any experience, it's very easy!

What are the payment methods?

In Brazil, the payment method is PayPal. You only need to create an account – it's super simple and completely online – and you can use any payment method that PayPal releases in your country to make your experience purchases.
In other countries, payment is via Stripe, so you must register your credit/debit card in the credit or debit function to buy your experiences.

Is it safe?

OXdreams takes every precaution to keep its Community safe. Both the app's profiles and posts are safe and verified, as are the experiences you can buy and sell

Can I cancel and request a refund for a purchased experience?

Yes. For more information on this matter, you can consult our Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy

What happens if I don't get the experience as it's advertised or if I get a bad experience?

If there's any problem with your experience, OXdreams will directly review what happened. You can receive a partial or full refund for it after our review of the situation

Can I reschedule an experience I purchased if I cannot attend on the agreed day/time?

Not yet. But we are working on it. However, you can cancel the experience and receive a full refund (keeping your money safe) and then repurchase the experience to any day or time you prefer


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need more

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Everyone, in one World of Experience.

The influencers of your brand, this season's trends, your target audience.
OXplay. Coming soon...

Everyone, in one World of Experience.

The influencers of your brand, this season's trends, your target audience.
OXplay. Coming soon...

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